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Control Systems is an interdisciplinary under electrical engineering. It is a combination of active elements in which every element produces a desired output. These outputs can be represented by mathematical equations. Control systems has wide applications in engineering such as in velocity, acceleration, temperature, pressure, voltage, current , control of position etc. Accuracy, sensitivity, stability and high speed are the factors used to define a good control system.

There are two types of control systems, namely:

  • Open-loop control system – This is the type where output has no effect on the control action. The output is not measured or compared with the input. Examples include a bread toaster, traffic signal coffee server, automatic washing machines etc.
  • Closed-loop control system -This type of control system is also known as feedback control system. The output has recognisable effect on the control action in this type of control system. It is the opposite of open-loop control system, here the output is fed back along with the input for comparison.

If you are studying engineering then you are most likely to be allotted assignments and homework on control systems. Control systems apply mathematical modelling in which a system is described using mathematical concepts. In-depth knowledge and proficiency is required to be able to understand and handle such tasks.

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  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Linear system modelling
  • State transition matrix
  • Nyquist criteria
  • Bode plots
  • Root loci
  • Transient analysis and steady state response analysis
  • Stability analysis

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  • State space model
  • Model creation, interconnections and transformation
  • Parameterization techniques
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • State space and time domain analysis

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