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Image processing is one of the branches of electrical engineering. It is also known visual information and can be used in Matlab. Image processing uses graphic images in investigation and modification of information. These graphic images are based on their model of acquisition. Students are required to construe the required algorithm by defining suitable parameters which are reliant on the acquisition model.

In the past image processing was analogue but nowadays it has become digital and shifted to the use of computers. Digital image processing employs spatial domain filtering technique which is a neighborhood operation to modify an image. In this technique, algorithms to the values of the pixel in the neighborhood of the corresponding input pixel is applied to determine the value of any pixel in the output image.

Uses of digital image processing algorithms

  • Image sensor signals can be converted into digital images
  • Digital algorithms can be used to remove noise and improve clarity
  • Engineers can determine the number of objects in the scene and exact the size of the image
  • It can be used to prepare images for printing or display
  • Image compression.

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  • Fourier transforms and frequency-domain filtering
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  • Geometric transformations
  • Transforms

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