Matlab Assignment Samples

Bisection Secant Method  Capitalize Utility  Control Modeling  Differential Evolution Optimizer  Digital Signal Processing 

 Electric Winder Control Problem  Elliptic Dimension  Accounting Compound Interest  Air Simulation Graphics  

Angular Velocity  Automation Algorithm  Engineering Mechanics  Euler Cycle  Euler Heun  Fluid Viscosity 

 Frenetic Dice Game  Full-Wave Controlled Rectifier  Gauss Elimination  Linear Equation  Linear Transformation  

Projectile Motion  Projectile Trajectory Problem  Trapezoidal and Simpson’s Rules  Spectral Representation Digital Signals 

 Load Factor  Loading and Manipulate Data  Modelling & Design SimuLink  Quintic Polynomial  

Research & Data Support Report  Semilog & Linear  Signature & Exponent  WCF Factor