MATLAB Code Help Tips: Creating a Simple Menu for Functions in MATLAB

MATLAB Code Help Tips: Creating a Simple Menu for Functions in MATLAB

Matlab Code HelpMATLAB is a very popular and widely used mathematical software. One of the unique uses of this software is to quickly create a script to run operations and functions on a data set. By creating a menu system, the user is able to perform these operations and functions without coding it themselves. Our MATLAB code help provides a guide on how to create a simple menu in MATLAB:

  1. Launch MATLAB And Create A New Script

After the engine has started, find the button for creating a new script at the top right of the program window. It is labeled as {{MacButton| New Script}).

  1. Create A Name For The Menu

You should use an equal sign (=) to set it to the function called menu. The name you have chosen will be saved as the script file when you save.

The texts written in green are comments. They are not a must. However, you can leave comments for yourself or leave notes for people reading your code.

  1. Set Your Menu Options

These are known as strings. They need to have an ‘on either side of the names of the options and are separated by commas. The instruction to the user is the first string that is displayed above the menu options.

  • For easier reading, use an ellipse (…) at the end of each option. This moves the option to the next line.
  • You should not forget to create an exit option which allows the menu to be terminated. The line should end with a semicolon (;)
  1. Create the start of a while loop. Remember that the number of options you have created for the menu should be more than the name of the menu

The exit button for the menu should also be included in your options.

  1. Switch Case With The Menu Name

The step of creating a switch case with the menu name may be automatically indented in MATLAB. If that happens, do not worry. Your script will still work regardless of how the code has been indented.

  1. A Case For Each Option Of The Menu Is Included

Ensure that they are indented from the switch case line and numbered in order. Consider writing a comment beside each case. This will help you remember which option that is represented by each case.

  1. The Switch Case Is Closed At The End Of These Cases

To complete this step, type in the line end. The switch function may align itself with the end line. This ensures that the reader gets to know that this end is not for the whole loop, rather for the switch.

  1. Copy And Paste The Menu Function You Have Created Below The Line End

Doing this makes it possible to use the menu again after it completes the user-selected option. Additionally, the same option or a new one can be selected from the menu.

  1. To Close The While Loop, Write Another End Line Below This

This line pretty much set up the menu. Although the menu will run by the options, it will not perform any tasks because they have not yet been populated.

  1. Include A Print of Statement To Let The User Know That The Program Has Ended

The \n at the end tells MATLAB to skip the next line in the command window.

  1. You Can Populate The Cases With Any Function Or Text You Wish To Display
  2. Add Matrices And Variables

This allows you to import data from other scripts or files like excel

  1. If The Menu You Have Created Requires Another Menu Option Then You Can Nest Menus

You can add a second menu in the same option. However, it can be complicated for both the programmer and the use. We recommend that you be wary of adding so many layers to your options menu.

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