Matlab Programming Homework Help Tips: How to Avoid Pitfalls in Matlab

Matlab Programming Homework Help Tips: How to Avoid Pitfalls in Matlab

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Are you finding it hard understanding the concepts of MATLAB? Here are some best practices and tips to help you furnish your MATLAB skills:

Getting an Accurate Answer

Computer programs perform the task that the code tells them to do. Therefore, it is vital to be precise with your notation. Here are some common cases:

  • Imaginary unit j or i

The constants I and j are defined as sqrt (-1) which is known as the imaginary unit. You can get an error if you use the variables I or j in your code and the code depends on either of these constants. It is recommended that you clear the variables once you have used them or use different variable names.

  • Function/Command Duality

It is important to use correct punctuation in MATLAB. You should really be careful with the parenthesis. If you omit the parenthesis when calling a function, the function comes as a command. All the arguments following the function name are then treated as string inputs by MATLAB. It is recommended that you use the functional form of the call rather than the command version when assigning the output of a function call to a variable.

  • Compare Floating-Point

Floating –point double-precision is the default data type used in MATLAB. This data type uses a finite number of bits (64) to represent numbers. This means that numbers such as 1/7 cannot be represented exactly. We advise that you strictly check for equality between floating point quantities when comparing computational results. To obtain a result that is in line with the target within an acceptable tolerance, use eps (target).

How to Create a Robust Program

You should be wary of the errors that may arise when you run your code. Mentioned below are some of the tools that can help you create a robust program and avoid incorrect calculations.

  • Use MExceptional instead of lasterror

You should capture all potential errors before dealing with them using the older lasterror mechanism means you risk overwriting unprocessed errors. The MExceptional tool solves this problem.

  • Use try/catch Exception instead of the two-argument form of eval

The eval function, which is a string lets programmers successfully run all MATLAB statements that are valid. The only problem is that MATLAB cannot anticipate the script to be executed and therefore may not take advantage of any possible optimizations. This is also true for the two-argument form of eval which only checks the second input for errors while the first one is executing. The try/catch function addresses this problem by making the code transparent to MATLAB.

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