Piers L
Applied Mathematician

  • Ph.D. In Applied Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario – 2009-2013
  • MSc. Mathematics from the University of Canterbury – 2005-2007
    I enjoy development and application of novel mathematical and algorithmic solutions to real-world problems. My past research projects have focused on diabetes care, measuring chaotic pendulum systems, evaluating special functions, finding periodic points in fractal sets and designing stable algorithms for the solution of polynomial.
    I can develop methods for the stable computation of the roots of polynomial equations expressed in Hermite and Lagrange bases. When offering MATLAB homework help, I am always eager to explore interesting real-world problems. I have also handled postdoctoral research on developing linearization of matrix polynomials. I guarantee significant breakthroughs in stability analysis.


Mikhail Y.
Computer Vision and Deep Learning Expert, PhD
I have expertise in machine learning using the MATLAB software. I provide help with MATLAB homework that caters to topics like ridge regression, gradient boosting, linear regression, random forest and many more. I can successfully implement the algorithm of windows drivers ranking based on Weka random forest. I am responsible for many MATLAB projects. I offer online tutoring on all concepts related to the subject.

Alex W.
Computer Scientist

  • Ph.D., Mathematics from Texas Tech University

I have used mathematical software such as MATLAB to write an optimized simulation code. You can get help with MATLAB assignments from me in areas of linear programming and any topic of your choice. I can help you optimize and automate various business decision. My online tutoring in MATLAB delivers more value to clients than they usually think is possible.

Mehdi M.
Expert in MATLAB Programming

  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Guilan

I am a guru in MATLAB and has written a book “Numerical Recipes for Solving Engineering Problems using MATLAB.” I am a real fan of mathematics and possess over 20 years’ experience in programming with MATLAB. I have provided MATLAB assignment help to over 400 students and written more than 500 projects, from small ones to very professional ones.

Rick R.
Simulink and MATLAB developer

  • B.A. Economics from Dartmouth College

I am a software engineer who is highly experienced and has expertise in MATLAB and Simulink. I am also a MATLAB assignment help expert who is well-acquainted with Signal Processing, Control Systems and many more. I have handled projects and offered online tutoring on Data Analysis and Visualization, modeling and simulation, embedded software design and development.

Gary S.
Algorithm Scientist

  • M.S. Digital Communications and Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park

I have a strong electrical and mathematics background. I have been developing data communications products for over 25 years. I possess extensive knowledge of algorithm design, estimation theory, statistics and digital signal processing.
I have been a MATLAB homework help expert for the past decade or so.  I believe that I am a prolific inventor because I have over 54 U.S. patents to my name. I am very flexible and can assist you with any type of project.

Jose V.
Ph.D. student of Physics

  • Ph.D. in Physics from FAMAF-UNC

I am proficient with MATLAB scripts, implementation of theoretical models and parameters estimations. I offer an experienced MATLAB project help in all the topics related to the subject. You can contact for assistance with Finite Element Methods modeling and resolution of time-differential equations. Additionally, I also have experience in data analysis, particularly for experimental data sets analysis and visualization.

Tyler S.
Scientist, Visualization, Analyst
I have always been fascinated with new knowledge and took it upon myself to build my analytical programming skills largely using the MATLAB software. Since then, the software has become my favorite tool. For this reason, I have become a MATLAB assignment help expert who majorly helps students with visualizing data in new and interesting ways.
Equipped with a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary field of neuroengineering, I have interacted and collaborated with other physical sciences experts. I am always finding new ways of answering questions. I have bouts of creativity which makes me the best MATLAB online tutor.

Ivan P.
Computer Vision

  • M.S. Optics, Microwave and Digital Communications from Saint Petersburg State Electro-technical University.

I am an expert in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Augmented Reality. I am backed with a strong engineering background in Image and Signal Processing, High-performance computing and Algorithm Optimization for Embedded Platform. Get in touch with me if you need help with MATLAB homework.

Jared L.
MATLAB Specialist

  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering from Florida International University
  • M.B.A. International business from Florida International University

I have fine-tuned and refined my software development skills within the MATLAB framework over the past decade. I have handled and optimized rapidly a vast variety of projects for students seeking MATLAB project help.
Being a master of the MATLAB framework, I am conversant with the nearly endless array of potential applications that are possible through its vast collection of libraries and tool boxes. I have found online tutoring as an exciting way of utilizing my talents as an engineer. I am passionate about the process of developing and implementing a validated algorithm to solve complex tasks. I can rapidly and accurately design the appropriate algorithm in pseudo code. This enables me to visualize the larger task required before diving into the actual scripting process.

Gerzson B.
Deep Learning and Machine Learning Specialist

  • Udemy – Hands-on Power BI for Data Science
  • M.Sc. from Budapest University of Technology and Economics

I have immense experience in the field of software engineering. I also have a demonstrated history of working in the information technology sector. I am an adept MATLAB homework help expert with skills in machine learning, artificial neural networks, deep learning and recommendation systems. MATLAB is my favorite programming tool since I have used it for many projects. I am the guy to contact when you need MATLAB online tutoring.

Benjamin G.
Scripting and Analysis of MATLAB Data

  • Ph.D. Robotics from Harvard University
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering from John Hopkins University

I offer MATLAB project help and online tutoring on software development and data analysis problems. I earned my undergraduate and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from John Hopkins University and Harvard University.

Marko S.
Simulink and MATLAB Expert

  • S. Automation (Control Theory), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb
  • The best student of the generation – Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, “Frane Petric” Gymnasium, Zadar

I have successfully earned Master’s degree from the University of Zagreb and currently working as a Ph.D. candidate in the same faculty. I am familiar with control theory, MATLAB, and Simulink. I have gained an excellent knowledge in various topics related to Automation, Affective computing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Control Systems, Robotics and many more. I also possess hands-on experience with real industry-applied PLC/HMI programming (Siemens).
I provide help with MATLAB assignments to assist students to expand their knowledge and skills in the subject. I guarantee high-quality work on time.

Djordge B.
Experienced MATLAB expert

  • Ph.D., Telecommunications Engineering, Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu

I am a MATLAB project help expert who is equipped with advanced knowledge in Signal Processing methods and their applications in digital wireless receivers. I have worked with the MATLAB software for quite a while and guarantees exceptional projects to the students.